WASHINGTON: Even though she has been through the stuff of nightmares – kidnapped at 11, held captive for 18 years, raped and borne two children to her captor – the face of Jaycee Dugard that beams from the cover of People magazine appears to be that of a confident, happy young woman.Her hair is darker than the light blonde tresses of the child who disappeared in 1991 from outside her Lake Tahoe home. But surprisingly the eyes of this young woman sparkle and she looks much younger than her 29 years.”I’m so happy to be back,” reads the headline on the cover of the October 26 issue, which hits newsstands in the US tomorrow.Overnight the best-selling magazine has released the first photos of Ms Dugard on its website, www.people南京夜网. The 10-page spread in the magazine shows Ms Dugard with her mother, Terry Probyn. Ms Dugard’s daughters, Starlit, 11 and Angel, 14, are shown only from the back.Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, have been charged with kidnapping and rape. They have pleaded not guilty, but police say Dugard was raped repeatedly during her 18-year ordeal and her daughters thought that she was their sister, not their mother.Police have also been excavating the backyard looking for the remains of other kidnap victims.In a statement Ms Dugard said: “I am so happy to be back with my family. Nothing could be more important than the unconditional love that I have from them.”A spokesman for People magazine said: “She seems much younger than you would have expected.”Speaking on Good Morning America, family spokesman Erica Price Schulte said the reason Ms Dugard had given the photos and statement to People was to thank everyone and to show she was getting back to a normal life.Ms Schulte, who has spent time with the family, said Ms Dugard has spent time cooking with her mother and bonding with her stepsister, Shayna Probyn, 19, who was just a toddler when she disappeared.Ms Dugard and her daughters are also spending time horse-riding, which is being used as therapy for their re-integration into society.”When I sit there with them I think, goodness, if I didn’t know I wouldn’t know,” Ms Schulte said.Ms Dugard home-schooled her two daughters, but they have been working with a tutor since their escape from captivity.”They are bright darling girls and very interested in their world,” said Ms Schulte. “It’s amazing what Jaycee was able to do under the circumstances.”‘This has been such a miracle – that Jaycee was able to do all that she’s done under those circumstances just tells us what a strong woman she is and how extremely intelligent she is,” Terry Probyn’s stepmother, Joan Curry, told the magazine.Ms Curry said that everyone understood that challenges lay ahead.”Jaycee’s realistic,” Ms Curry told People, “She knows this is not going to be the easiest road that she’s ever travelled, but she is just very upbeat, giddy that she’s with her family.”
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