You can take the bully out of the school yard but you can’t take the bully out of the skate park.
Nanjing Night Net

Or can you?

It’s that question, among many others, that council will try to address today during a public meeting/barbie at the Dubbo Skate Park.

Bullying and intimidation aside, there are other issues at stake here – which include vandalism, litter, antisocial behaviour, and general mis-use of an area, and a facility, for which an entire city paid.

It comes down to kids creating disrepute over the very thing they asked for. It comes down to kids being bullied off the very thing their parents paid for.

And that’s not good enough.

The area needs more checks, for starters – more random appearances by police and council rangers, for example.

CCTV would be an expensive, and probably ineffective way to address the problem, and it could be better used elsewhere, but could be a possibility for the future.

Much of what’s anecdotally reported to happen at the skate park is never officially reported – it’s all rumour and suggestion. But the key thing here is to stamp down hard, and quickly, on any problems that raise their heads, before the area becomes even more afflicted by bad behaviour.

And there is the distinct possibility of that – the chance for drugs, violence, or worse.

Which is why today’s meeting is so important. It’s a proactive step to solve problems at a world-class facility before they get worse – and before the whole skate park is feared and unused.

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