The so-called “Russian Obama” has failed in his bid to become Russia’s first elected official of African descent, but says he is satisfied with his third place finish.Joaquim Crima, an immigrant from Guinea-Bissau whose candidacy for a seat in a local Russian legislature had drawn international attention, took only 4.75 per cent of the vote, a regional election official said.”I expected to gain around one per cent and I came in third,” Crima said, calling himself “pleasantly surprised”.Crima, who has been living in Russia since 1989, had been seeking a seat in the municipal legislature of the Srednaya Akhtuba district in the Volgograd Region of southern Russia.He finished behind Sergei Tikhonov, the candidate of the ruling United Russia party, who took 47 per cent of the vote, and Vladimir Romanov, who took 30.7 per cent, a spokesperson for the regional election commission said.Crima’s candidacy had astounded observers and drawn media attention, with non-whites often subjected to suspicion in Russia and sometimes even violent racist attacks.AFP
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