A FORMER school principal who sexually abused a student, and who told a court yesterday that he believed he was in love with her, faces up to eight years’ jail.But Hazel Bell, the teacher who first raised concerns about Frank Bailey’s behaviour towards the 16-year-old girl, has been denied her job back. Two students, Sarah Johnson and Bec Gavan, who also complained about their former headmaster’s conduct with the girl at St Andrew’s Christian School, near Grafton, were expelled and unable to complete their HSC.Bailey, 44, pleaded guilty in March to five charges of sexually abusing the teenager over a four-day period while she was staying at his home.Giving evidence during his sentencing hearing in the Sydney District Court yesterday, Bailey said he had thought he was in love with the student and that she had loved him back.”I felt as though I was making love, but I know that is not right,” he told the court.Mr Bailey had told a psychiatrist that he did not have romantic feelings for the student, but yesterday said he still cared for her.”My wife … really showed me how much she loved me by staying with me and when [the psychiatrist] asked me that I didn’t want [my wife] to feel that I didn’t love her,” he said.The Bailey case was adjourned until November 20.Outside court the victim’s mother said she was disgusted that a school principal could abuse his position in such a way and label it love.”Perhaps he needs to have a lesson in what love is … I’m sorry I find that a real joke.”Mrs Bell was made redundant after making the allegations and approached the school about getting her job as a teacher back following an investigation by the NSW Ombudsman’s office into her allegations against Mr Bailey.”The answer was, ‘That is never going to happen,” Mrs Bell said.Ms Johnson and Ms Gavan had insufficient units to go to another school, so were unable to complete their HSC.The Herald was unable to contact St Andrew’s school last night.
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